Joyce Cleveland Barnett of Heritage Life, Interviews Delores Thornton, Author and Book Promotion Agent (August 2013 Edition).

JB: You are whom I refer to as, "one of the hardest working women", in the literary industry.  Where do you get your energy to do it all, and what motivates you to remain faithful to this work?

DT:  My energy certainly comes from the Lord. I am so very passionate about writing, and feel it is one of the best forms of expression. It can be relaxing, cathartic, or exhilarating, but always rewarding.  My mind and heart are tied to my pen, and I plan to write forever.

JB:  When did you pursue a writing career?  And was this a childhood dream for you?

DT:  I began writing in 1995.  I have always been an avid reader, but did not entertain the thought of writing.  My first novel was an historical fiction tale,  Ida Mae.; who came to me and whispered her story throughout the day as I worked, and during the night as I slept.

JB: What is your most memorable and important experience? 

DT: There have been so many humbling experiences since I embarked on my literary journey.  I have judged literary contests on college campuses, hosted radio shows, traveled all over the country, received countless awards, and co-founded the Indianapolis Book Fest in 2004. I have written for, and been featured in numerous magazines and local newspapers. I was honored at, Meet the Artists VII, 2001.; which was sponsored by the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library System.  I participated in the African American Book Club Summit at Sea in 2000.  I would have to say my greatest moment was appearing on an Author panel with Dr. Cornel West at the Baltimore Book Festival. The event was hosted by Sibayne Bookstore.  I could not believe someone would place an unknown self-published author on the same panel with Dr. West.  I was set to be intimidated, but he allayed my fears and forced me to answer questions.  That was the best day of my literary experience.

JB: You have worked with both aspiring writers and celebrities; has this validated your career as being successful?

DT:  I've assisted new and aspiring authors , and it has given me a sense of accomplishment.  I have written articles about self-publishing, and workshops at libraries and bookstores.  I've also been on author panels with best selling authors and assited them as both publicist and promoter. I have always felt succesful and share my skills of promotion and marketing.

 JB:  What has been your greatest challenge?

DT:  What I have found to be the most difficult in my career has come recently, is finding more time for literary pursuits.  As an ordained minister, I am currently enrolled in Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis.  Studies demand a lot of my time.  But writing and promoting are passions. I try to prioritize and balance my day.

JB: What would you like to see happen on the literary scene, or to see more of?

DT:  I would love to see more authors helping other authors. This is the reason I initially started my promotion business.

JB:  Who do you like as a writer, and talk about how they have contributed to society.

DT:   I especially enjoy reading works by Maxine Thompson.  I also appreciate the fact that she has helped other authors through her internet radio program, and other literary services.  She also has not compromised her writing style, and remains true to her own voice.

JB:  Tell us what services your company offers.

DT:  My company,  Marguerite Press, was established in 1996.  We promote and assist both new and established authors.  We specialize in book promotion, publicity, autograph parties, press releases, release parties, design flyers, brochures, and business cards.  We also offer a workshop titled;  How to Self-Publish That Great Novel Without Going Nuts.

JB:  What words of wisdom do you offer to aspiring writers?

DT:  Writers should realize that their book is their responsiblity.  Even if you have a publicist, agent, or promoter,  writers should promote their book endlessly.  Don't be shy, toot your own horn!  Writers should also seek out online services, and always be prepared for an interview.  There are websites that will promote your work, such as Heritage Life!

Delores Thornton is an author, book promoter, and an ordained minister.

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